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Friction Labs Climbskin 1 oz Hand Cream

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Climbskin is the first hand cream engineered for climbers. How many times was your body willing but your hands shredded? No longer.

The skin absorption and penetration of Climbskin Hand Cream is much higher than wax-based products, so there is deeper hydration, better skin regeneration, and less residue. Wax-based products sit on the surface of your hand and trap the moisture, which can actually slow down healing wounds and cracks. Climbskin is more readily absorbed and deeply hydrates your tissue using the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature.

Unlike other balms, you apply Climbskin 1-2 hours prior to climbing. This hydrates your skin, preventing splits and reducing sweating. After climbing, wash your hands and apply again to hydrate your skin. The unique combination of essential oils regenerate your skin, leaving you ready to go day after day.

Climbskin was developed by a chemist, a biologist, and a dermatologist with the goal of creating a product that keeps your skin in the best condition for crushing.


Climbskin Hand Cream contains no artificial colors or perfumes, just natural ingredients, combined to give a pleasant aroma, natural and characteristic.

The entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and cruelty free (not tested on animals).

Rose Hip
Aloe Vera
Buckthorn Oil
Aquillea Millenfolium
Shea Butter
Tincture of benzoin (Styrax benzoin)
Centella Asiatica (3%)
Dragon’s Blood