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Butora Sensa Climbing Shoe

by Butora
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The new slipper from Butora Climbing is anything but an old school sock! Each and every possible contact area where the shoe meets the rock has been fortified with a midsole and the right rubber for the job. At the same time, the areas in the midfoot have been strategically designed with softer rubber to allow your foot full range of movement in the toughest of conditions. Here is the breakdown of the features that make this shoe more than your old school sock:

1. NFS Toe Cap Technology - We use Butora's Neo Fuse rubber on this area of the shoe that receives the most use. We have added a toe cap midsole to increase durability and prevent your toe from pushing past the front edge of the shoe. The toe cap midsole stops at the toe to allow the rest of the shoe to move in the way a classic slipper would.

2. Heel Design - We also use NEO Fuse rubber on this area that is used most often after the toe. We created a slightly rounded, but not overly rounded heel with a heel cap midsole for durability and multi-directional heel hooking.

3. Toe Hooking Strips - We offer slightly softer NEO Fuse rubber on this portion of the shoe, because we do not toe hook as often, but when we do we need it to stick. We also use softer rubber here because this area needs to maintain its flexibility for the comfort of your foot.

4. Knit Fabric Upper – The difference in the knit fabric you find in this shoe and others is that the upper in this shoe is woven for each shoe as opposed to die cut. The problem with die cutting is that you have one fabric cut for several sizes, and it tends to fray on the interior of your shoe over time. While the woven technology in this shoe is much more expensive than die cutting, at Butora, we believe in the highest value for our customers with the most innovative technology in the industry. This woven fabric has all the breathable aspects of other knit fabrics with the additional upgrade of a woven construction.

The Butora Sensa…..more than your old school climbing sock!

Sensa fits similar to our wider model shoes. Street shoe size works well in this model. Note that the Sensa “generally” fits similar in size to our Narsha, and fit’s ½ size up from your Acro or Endeavor size. Note that the Sensa does take time to break in, and becomes much more comfortable, especially in the toe box, after break in.