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Gear Review: Yeti Rambler Jug 1 Gallon by Josh Davis

Gear Review: Yeti Rambler Jug 1 Gallon by Josh Davis

Gear Review: Yeti Rambler Jug 1 Gallon Josh Davis

Value rating: 9

Durability rating: 9

Overall rating: 9

Location of test: Day to day everywhere

Duration of test: 6 or 7 days a week

Product name: Rambler Jug

Product Brand: Yeti

Best use: Keeping stuff cold

Sizes: 1 Gallon

The Full Review: I drink a lot of water every day, typically over a gallon. I used to have to bring multiple Nalgene bottles with me every day and it became a lot to keep up with. When this bottle came out I bought one right away and I LOVE it. The lid getting stuck may present more of an issue in the summer but in the cooler months I just refill it through the smaller cap. I have not tried to put ice in it yet through this hole.

My theory is that when the lid gets cold it shrinks. When it does this it leaks so I tighten it but then when it warms back up the lid expands and becomes very difficult to open again. To get it unstuck I just use something to give me a little extra leverage to pop it open.

Pros: Holds my daily allowance of water all in one container – no more carrying 2 or 3 bottles with me through out the day.

Magnetic cap keeps it close

Main handle is rubberized and very easy to grasp

Cons: Heavy, full to the brim with water it weighs several pounds.

The larger, main lid, sometimes gets stuck.

Love it or leave it:  If you have need to this much hot or cold beverage for your day out, I highly recommend this product.

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