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Gear Review: MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Stake Hammer by Josh Davis

Gear Review: MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Stake Hammer by Josh Davis

Gear Review: MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Stake Hammer – Josh Davis

Value rating:8

Durability rating:10

Overall rating:10

Location of test: Colorado Bend State Park windmill backpacking area

Duration of test: 4 stakes in- 4 stakes out

Product name: MSR Stake Hammer

Product Brand MSR (Mountain Safety Research)

Best use: Hammering tent stakes

Sizes: 1 size

The Full Review: If you have next put in a tent stake in Texas, let me tell you, most of the time it is a chore. We have very hard dirt and very little topsoil. I had demolished plenty tent stakes that are supposed to be superior and unbendable. I have chewed up multiple Coghlan’s tent mallets that can’t handle this kind of abuse from a tent stake.

The MSR Stake Hammer not only drives tent stakes with ease, but it shows absolutely no evidence of being used at all. Its claw for pulling stakes is notched so it even works with J or Y shaped stakes. And to top that all off, it has a bottle opener built in to the throat of the hammer for your car camping adventures.

Pros: Puts stakes in the ground like a boss. And removes them just as easily. It does it better than anything I have ever used other than a framing hammer, which is only suitable for car camping. Except the MSR Stake Hammer only weighs 11oz. Also, it is another great way to implement Leave No Trace ethics.

Cons: This is where I deducted from my value score above. It is only good for one thing, handling your tent stakes. Ideally everything in my pack serves multiple uses.

Love it or leave it: Hands down love it and in almost any scenario it will be making its way into my pack.


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