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Gear Review: Badfish Selfie 14 SUP by Josh Davis

Gear Review: Badfish Selfie 14 SUP by Josh Davis

Gear Review: Badfish Selfie 14 SUP by Josh Davis

Value rating: 9

Durability rating: 9

Overall rating: 9

Location of test: A local creek in Arlington, TX

Duration of test: 4 Hours

Product name: Selfie 14

Product Brand: Badfish SUP

Best use: Overnight river trips, long paddles, having fun on the water!

Sizes: 14ft

The Full Reviews:

                After pumping up our fleet of inflatable Badfish SUPS, we launched. I chose my Selfie 14 today, which I had originally purchased for open water paddles, and overnight trips, because I am just giddy to get more time on it. A big difference I noticed was the immense glide it had over my shorter and wider Monarch.

Early on in our paddle, our group was consumed with fishing and two of us ran into each other, even though we did not see it coming, neither of us fell or even had to quickly take a knee due to the incredible stability out 6” Siderails have on our Selfie and Badfisher models.

 I really enjoyed the ease of paddling, and the extra attachment points offered on the Selfie 14. Using a minimalist setup today I had plenty of room for my Mountain Smith lumbar pack that I was using as a tackle bag, my rod leashes, and water bottle.

The SUP works great for logistics of a creek adventure as opposed to a kayak or canoe and the Selfie 14 is no exception. Crossing log jams and pinch points created by sandbars is a breeze. Thanks to the spoon shaped nose and lightweight, durable design, I can just pick up the fins and drag the board behind me to the next pool.

I can not wait to really put this board to the test and bring all of my camping equipment on the river for a multiday trip!


 Amazing glide

Interchangeable fins ( I used shorter “grass fins” for this creek adventure)

Incredible Stability

D Rings for attaching gear

Integrated handles on bow and stern

High volume makes the board float very high


Its length added some difficulty in the smaller body of water

High volume make it take a little longer to inflate


Love it or leave it: LOVE it, the inflatable SUP is the perfect adventure vehicle for a small body of water such as this, I possibly will switch to the smaller Monarch (11 foot) next time, although I will miss the attachment points and glide that the Selfie 14 offers.


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