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Watersports Warehouse Reflective Tape 10 Feet

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Color: Blue
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Brilliant reflective, highly adhesive, waterproof vinyl tapes. The high-tack adhesive with peel off backing is perfect for pin striping on kayaks, canoes, surfboards, paddles, helmets, dive tanks, and all types of metal and plastic vehicles and accessories. Its reflective capability provides exceptional brightness even when viewed at angles low to its surface. Watersports Warehouse tape has a distinctive triangular weld pattern and is tough, yet flexible enough to wrap around kayak paddles. Its brightness depending on color, ranges from 2.7 to 4.4 times brighter than typical engineering grade material.

-10 feet
-1" wide

Hot Tip!

  • Many plastics, especially polyethylene, which is used in making roto-molded kayaks, have very low surface energy. This make them have very poor adhesion qualities.
  • You can change the surface energy temporarily so that tape, decals, or anything else you may want to stick to your kayak or paddle blade will stick better.
  • This is done with flame treating. With a small propane torch, pass the flame over the area you want to treat.
  • The plastic does not have to get hot so keep the flame 4 or 5 inches from the plastic.
  • In just a few seconds the flame treatment will have significantly raise the surface energy of the plastic and it's ability to accept adhesives will be greatly increased. The change is temporary, so application should be done immediately after treatment.