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Trippy Outdoor Dreamer Chair

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Color: Texas Flag
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Sit back and feel time slow down. With its supportive full-length recline and blink-of-an-eye setup speed, the Dreamer's ready for every far out moment, from the first rays of sunrise on the beach to the last embers in the backyard bonfire. 


Weighs: 10 lbs
Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs
Stored: 45"x11"x4"
Assembled: 38"x11"x28"
Seat Depth: 11"


Built to Extend Moments

Lean back naturally and rest your head. You’ll see a little farther, breathe a little deeper, dream a little longer. In this chair, you may notice that time...slows...down....

Uniquely You

Choose from unique colors that rep you. Deck out your Dreamer with stickers that shout your name. Make the Dreamer yours.

Dream Anywhere

From this seating angle, the outside’s your oyster. You could catch a meteor shower, stretch out at the surf, or just turn up some jams and sit loose. With the Dreamer at your back, there’s no moment you can’t make last.


The Dreamer’s built with natural materials, which will change color and develop character over time. If a lot of dirt builds up, though, just clean it off with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. Avoid abrasives sponges or chemicals, and always dry with a cloth (air-drying’s overhyped). And when you’re not out adventuring, store the Dreamer somewhere safe and warm.