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SE 5 Gallon Solar Shower

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When you're away from civilization and need a considerable amount of flowing hot water, SE's Solar Shower can help provide the supply! Once the sun naturally heats the water-filled bag to the desired temperature, you're ready to take a shower, wash your clothes, rinse dishes, whatever you need to do-handy to have while camping, traveling, and during any sort of emergency/survival situation.


• Size: 25" x 16"
• 23" Hose with Shower Head
• PVC Pipe Handle
• 5 Gallon Capacity
• Thermometer With Temperatures Celsius and Fahrenheit
• Hanging Tools
• Heat Absorbing
• Durable PVC Material
• ON/OFF Spigot

• Wash the inner walls with a mixture of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of baking soda
• Rinse
• Add Water

• With average temperatures of 70F, lay the bag out for a maximum of 3 hours with the heat absorbing surface of the sun.
• For best results lay the bag in direct sunlight when the sun is at its highest point.
1. Insert the PVC Pipe into the handle's slot
2. Secure the bag upright by tethering the rope & hook to the handle and suitable anchor (eg. tree branch)
3. For water to flow, allow the hose to hang without kinks and rotate the spigot to the ON position