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Goal Zero 10 Amp Charge Controller

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Monitor and regulate solar input for 12V batteries with the 10 Amp Charge Controller. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Goal Zero solar panels, the charge controller comes with a pre-installed 8mm solar connector and an easy-to-read LED screen. Equipped with an IP65 rating, the charge controller is weather resistant and dustproof, allowing for protection against the elements when powering off-grid adventures or outdoor equipment.


  • Designed to monitor and regulate solar input for 12V batteries. For solar charging with 100 watts and below, we recommend the 10 Amp Charge Controller. For solar charging with more than 100 watts, we recommend the 20 Amp Charge Controller
  • Charge Controller comes with an integrated 8mm Goal Zero solar connector. To connect and charge a 12V battery, you must purchase the Spade to SAE Cable and additional cable adaptors. We recommend either the SAE to Ring Terminal or SAE to Alligator Clip
  • Will not work with Yeti X Power Supply
  • Input/Output terminal: M5 terminals
  • Input Port: Solar Port: (blue, 8mm): 14-22.5V up to 10A
  • Fuse: 15A replaceable
  • Charge Controller: PWM
  • Rated solar panel amps GZ-10: 10A
  • Normal input solar cell array voltage: 15-22V
  • Max solar cell array voltage (output has no load): 25V
  • Lowest operating voltage at solar or battery side: 8V Minimum
  • Charging Characteristics:
  • Start Voltage at 25°C: 3-10V
  • Charge Voltage at 25°C:
  • LTO battery: 14.0V
  • Gel battery: 14.1V
  • LiFePO4 battery: 14.4V
  • Charge Voltage at 25°C: AGM battery-14.4V
  • WET battery: 14.7V
  • Calcium battery: 14.9V
  • Equalizing Voltage at 25°C: WET or Calcium battery-15.5V
  • Float Voltage at 25°C:
  • Gel, AGM, WET, Calcium batteries-13.6V
  • LTO and LiFePO4 batteries-13.4V
  • Battery temperature compensation coefficient: -24mV/°C


  • Product SKU: 96100
  • Weight: 14.4oz (408g)
  • Dimensions: 6.10 x 3.90 x 1.02in (15.5 x 9.91 x 2.6cm)
  • IP Grade: IP65
  • Spade to 8mm Cable Length: 3ft
  • Operating temperature: -25 to 50°C/ -13 to 122°F
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Certs: IC, FCC, CE-EMC, CE-LVD