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Dynamic Discs Dynamic Duel

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The Dynamic Duel is a great game to play with your friends and family. To play, just space the poles out between 20 and 40 feet depending on your disc tossing skills. Your teammate stands next to you, and the opposing team stands on the opposite side of the playing area. To score points in Dynamic Duel, you must knock the bottle off the opposing team’s pole. To do this, you can hit the bottle directly, or hit the pole to knock the bottle off. You score 2 points if the bottle hits the ground, and you score 1 point if the disc hits the ground. But be ready! The opposing team can stop you from scoring if they catch the bottle or the disc before it hits the ground! Teams alternate throwing and playing defense until one team scores 21 points.

The Dynamic Duel comes with everything you need to set the game up and start playing. It has 2 discs, 2 sets of collapsible PVC poles, 2 non-breakable bottles, and a carry bag for storage and taking the game on the go! The poles are lightweight yet sturdy, and you don’t have to worry about broken glass with these bottles. You can set it up in minutes and start playing!