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MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

by MSR
SKU 16773
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Compact and light, this little filter is perfect for day hikes or extended trips. Ceramic quality and field maintainability at a great price makes the MiniWorks EX a terrific value.

  • Fast Flow Rate: Fill a 1-liter container in just one minute.
  • Delivers Fresh Tasting Water: A solid block carbon eliminates odors, improves taste and removes iodine, chlorine and most chemicals and pesticides.
  • Field Maintainable: If your filter clogs, simply take it apart, clean it, and put it back together. The new thread stop will keep you from over-tightening the parts.
  • User-Friendly: The adapter base lets you screw your MSR filter directly onto wide-mouth Nalgene bottles and all MSR Hydration Bags.
  • Long Cartridge Life: An inlet foam pre-filter removes large debris, and the patented inlet float keeps the intake hose off the stream bottom, extending the life of your cartridge.
  • Worry Free: An indicator gauge that lets you know when its time to replace your ceramic cartridge.
  • AirSpring Accumulator: By using a bubble of trapped air, the AirSpring Accumulator pushes more water through in less time. On the handle down stroke the air bubble is compressed, storing some of the pump force, then on the up stroke, the bubble expands pushing water through the cartridge
  • Removes: Protozoa, bacteria, algae, silt and fungi. Reduces iodine, chlorine, pesticides, some radioactive particles and viruses attached to 0.3 micron or larger particles.
  • Micro Retention: 0.3 Micron Absolute
  • Flow Rate: 1 liter/Min
  • Pump Strokes: 80-90/Liter
  • Capacity: up to 2000 liters
  • Size: 3.8" x 9.3"
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Please note that this is a non-returnable item.


Prop 65 A (General): This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.