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Gransfors Bruk Axe Natural Sharpening Stone 4033

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The Gränsfors Bruk Axe Natural Sharpening Stone is a grinding stone with both a coarse side and a fine side. Each side is made of sandstone quarried on the island of Gotland, Sweden, and can be used either with or without water to sharpen your axe blades.

  • Weight: .4 lbs.
  • Diameter: 2.25 in.
  • All Gränsfors axes are forged by very professional smiths. The proof of this professionalism is that they are able to forge axes with such precision that no supplementary work, to hide mistakes in the forging, is needed. When the smith is satisfied with his work, he marks the head with his initials. All Gränsfors axes provide a 20 year guarantee.