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Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device

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Color: Blue
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Black Diamond's new ATC-XP is a true variable-friction belay and rappel device. What’s this mean in plain English? Well, with the ATC-XP, a climber can control how much friction they want while belaying or rapping, which in turn means greater control with multiple rope diameters. Ice climbing with an 8.1-mm rope? Use the ATC-XP in high-friction mode, pulling the rope over the ATC-XP’s contoured teeth. Abseiling with a fuzzy 11-mm down a granite slab? Use the device in regular-friction mode. An extended central web keeps biners and ropes properly oriented and reduces kinking. An added bonus is the thick rope-bearing radii of the ATC-XP—which means ropes wear less and last longer.

CLIMBING CAN BE A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. Proper instruction is required. Climbing equipment is for climbing ONLY. Your safety is your responsibility. Climbing gear is NOT returnable.

  • Belay/rappel device with exceptional holding power
  • Great for use with ropes of different diameters—8.1–11 mm
  • Thick rope-bearing radii reduce rope wear