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Black Diamond Hotwire Carabiner

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Color: Blue
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The stainless steel wire gate on the HotWire operates as both a spring and a gate. Not only is the stainless steel gate stronger than aluminum gates, but it is also extremely resistant to the phenomenon known as "whiplash." Strong, ultralight and super clippable, the HotWire offers superb versatility for all types of climbing.

CLIMBING CAN BE A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. Proper instruction is required. Climbing equipment is for climbing ONLY. Your safety is your responsibility. Climbing gear is NOT returnable.

  • Large internal space to accommodate both finger and rope
  • No parts to freeze up in cold conditions
  • Extremely lightweight
Product Specifications
Weight: 22 g (0.8 oz)
Rope-bearing Radius: 9.2 mm (.362 inch)
Strength (With gate closed): 25 kN (5620 lbf)
Gate Opening: 25 mm (0.984 inch)