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After Bite Original Vial The Itch Eraser

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Safe for use on adults and children ages two and up, After Bite provides fast relief from the sting of: Mosquitoes Black flies Horse flies Fire ants Bees Wasps Plants Marine pests Chiggers And more... After Bite is America's favorite remedy for treating the family's insect bites and stings. Easy to use and conveient to carry. After Bite comes in a handy pen-style applicator for easy use and storage - bring it everywhere you go. Pack After Bite in your backpack, mom's purse, the glove compartment, dad's golf bag, or the family camping gear - be ready to stop the itch and swelling from bug bites for the entire family. After Bite is the nation's #1 selling insect bitetreatment, outselling all others by more than two to one! Clinical tests prove that After Bite is more effective in treating the symptoms of insect bites than any other type of bite treatment including Benadryl®* and lidocaine and benzocaine formulas. Active ingredient: Ammonia *Benadryl® is a registered trademark of Warner-LambertCo.