Jackson Kayak Tripper Tandem 2017
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This all-purpose Tripper Tandem kayak is built for two and designed around the Kilroy, one of Jackson's top selling sit inside kayaks. It’s a very stable, easy to enter, comfortable and fast kayak. Perfect for those who want the comfort of staying dry yet want the performance to get from point A to point B with ease. The Tripper Tandem comes with the famous Jackson Kayak Ergo and moving foot braces to give you comfortable and powerful paddling performance.

  • Stable, User-Friendly Hull
    Not sure if you enjoy kayaking due to the tippy feeling? The sit inside cockpits provide tons of stability for all our users. This allows you to load up the kayak with dogs, coolers, camping equipment and more without having to worry about being tippy.
  • Ergo Seats
    Jackson’s new Ergo Seat with all new 3D breathable mesh fabric, improved lumbar support, strengthened supports for hi-low seating, additional storage spots and compatible with the newer track/hi- low systems being built at JK. Movable forward and aft via a central track system, these Ergo Seats can be set for one or two paddlers. Seating can be standard or facing each other as well.
  • Sit Inside Design
    Lower center of gravity than sit on tops. All gear contained inside the kayak. Better protection from weather for colder climates. The open cockpit allows for easy entry and exit, keeps you drier than SOT's, are easy to shoulder, and minimizes weight.
  • Two 32 oz Nalgene Bottles
    Each kayak includes two Nalgene 32 ounce wide mouth water bottles. Made in the USA, these custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson Kayak logos.
  • GoPro Mount
    Don't hesitate to record your adventures. A GoPro mount is conveniently located in front of the cockpit for easy reach.
  • Adjustable foot braces
    These sturdy braces make the boat functional for paddlers of all sizes. The foot pegs adjust easily and have a soft rubber coating that will keep you comfortable all day.
  • Bow and Stern Rigid Ergonimic Handles
    Ergonomic Handles with added grip textured inserts help you keep good contact when carrying your kayak, even when wet. Also, there is no fabric to ensure snag-proof days on the water.
  • Front Deck Rigging
    Hold down your jacket, maps, or other items you want to have on hand but not loose in the kayak.
  • Easy-Open Stern Hatch and Bulkhead
    If you have a few items you would like to keep away from water and in a dry safe place, the hatch has a rubber seal to help ensure water doesn’t get in.
  • Removable Skid Plate
    Jackson protects the biggest wear area on the kayak with the skid plate. Your keel will last season after season with this smart feature.
  • Length
    14' 8"
    Rear Hatch
    Round, 9.375"
    Linear Poly
    Rudder Ready
    Total Capacity
    550 lbs.
    Total Weight
    80 lbs.

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