The North Face Gordon Lyons Full Zip Mens
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New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey Heather Urban Navy Heather TNF Medium Grey Heather TNF Dark Grey Heather Shady Blue Heather TNF Black Heather Cardinal Red Heather/TNF Dark Grey Heather Granite Bluff Tan Heather

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The North Face Gordon Lyons Full-Zip Sweater features a densely knit sweater fleece with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio that will keep you warm in cool-to-cold temperatures, and its casual style can be taken on all your travels. Excellent warmth and breathability help make this jacket extremely versatile, and the zippered hand and chest pockets provide security for your belongings when you're on the move.


  • Be prepared for any adventure with this versatile fleece jacket
  • Polyester fleece fabric is breathable and warm
  • Zippered pockets keep valuables secure while on the move
  • Regular fit allows for an additional layer underneath
New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherMNF0A3YR77XZ192824409326132082
New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherLNF0A3YR77XZ192824409418132083
New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherXLNF0A3YR77XZ192824409517132084
New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherXXLNF0A3YR77XZ192824409616132085
New Taupe Green Heather/TNF Dark Grey Heather3XLNF0A3YR77XZ192824409708132086
Urban Navy HeatherMNF0A3YR7AVM192824409487132087
Urban Navy HeatherLNF0A3YR7AVM192824409586132088
TNF Medium Grey HeatherSNF0A3YR7DYY192364498767132090
TNF Medium Grey HeatherMNF0A3YR7DYY192364498781132091
TNF Medium Grey HeatherXLNF0A3YR7DYY192364498873132093
TNF Medium Grey HeatherXXLNF0A3YR7DYY192364498903132094
TNF Medium Grey Heather3XLNF0A3YR7DYY192364498934132095
TNF Dark Grey HeatherMNF0A3YR7DYZ192364498996132097
TNF Dark Grey HeatherLNF0A3YR7DYZ192364499047132098
TNF Dark Grey HeatherXLNF0A3YR7DYZ192364499115132099
Shady Blue HeatherSNF0A3YR7HKW192364499054132101
Shady Blue HeatherMNF0A3YR7HKW192364499122132102
Shady Blue HeatherLNF0A3YR7HKW192364499184132103
Shady Blue HeatherXLNF0A3YR7HKW192364499238132104
Shady Blue HeatherXXLNF0A3YR7HKW192364499290132105
TNF Black HeatherMNF0A3YR7KS7192364498835132106
TNF Black HeatherLNF0A3YR7KS7192364498866132107
TNF Black HeatherXLNF0A3YR7KS7192364498927132108
TNF Black HeatherXXLNF0A3YR7KS7192364498965132109
TNF Black Heather3XLNF0A3YR7KS7192364499023132110
Cardinal Red Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherMNF0A3YR7NVA192824400460132111
Cardinal Red Heather/TNF Dark Grey HeatherLNF0A3YR7NVA192824400668132112
Granite Bluff Tan HeatherMNF0A3YR7QBU192824400385132114
Granite Bluff Tan HeatherLNF0A3YR7QBU192824400583132115
Granite Bluff Tan HeatherXLNF0A3YR7QBU192824400781132116
Granite Bluff Tan HeatherXXLNF0A3YR7QBU192824400910132117