Since before 1895! Eureka tents have been helping campers enjoy the great outdoors. Eureka has a long line of innovative firsts, and they continue striving to bring their customer's the best value for the money in the entire industry. No matter if you like solo hiking, recreational, wilderness, or expedition camping, family car-camping, Boy/Girl Scout tripping, Mountaineering, Eureka products have you covered.

Eureka! Tent Whisk Broom and Dustpan

This compact and lightweight whisk broom and dustpan weighs only 3.3 oz. for convenient packing and storage.
Item: 058033



Eureka Solitaire AL Tent

Small pack size, lightweight and simple to set up: the perfect choice for weight and value conscious backpackers.
Item: 058293


Eureka Floor Saver Rectangular Large

Heavy-duty 6 mil polyethylene Floor Saver, 6' 8" x 8' 2".
Item: 058665


Eureka Floor Saver 3X Rectangular

Placed beneath the tent, a floor saver protects the tent’s floor from damage by rocks or roots, keeps the bottom clean for packing, and adds an extra layer of protection from water. Heavy-duty 6mm polyethylene. Pre-sized to fit shape of tent floor.
Item: 058691


Eureka Lightning Bug 45 Kids Sleeping Bag

This child-sized, rectangular bag features all the same materials and construction as the adult sized rectangular bags, but in a fun design and colors that kids love!
Item: 058783


Eureka Curvy Lounger Chair

Eureka Curvy Lounger Chair is compact, made of durable materials, functional, easy to use, and provides home-like comfort to the outdoor experience.
Item: 058868

$89.95  $104.95


Eureka Summer Pass 2 Tent

Light, airy and tough enough for any 3 season backpacking adventure!
Item: 058300



Eureka Summer Pass 3 Tent

Light, airy and tough enough for any 3 season backpacking adventure!
Item: 058301



Eureka Timberline SQ Outfitter 4 Tent

Compact, lightweight, three-season tent ideal for backpacking and camping in wilderness conditions. This is the heavy duty outfitter version.
Item: 058317


Eureka Timberline 2 or 4 Tent Fly Rod Poles Pair

Two aluminum fly rods for Eureka Timberline 2 or 4 and Alpine Meadows 2 or 4 tents.
Item: 058620

$12.95  $16.95

Eureka Timberline Ridge Pole Spanner

Three section aluminum spanner pole for Timberline 2/4 and Alpine Meadows tents.
Item: 058625


Eureka Timberline 4 Leg Section

Aluminum leg section for Timberline 4 and Alpine Meadows 4 tents.
Item: 058632


Eureka Camp Cot

Easy, one piece design is incredibly comfy and frustration free
Item: 058850


Eureka Camp Stool

Quick, easy to stow, lightweight seating solution for the camp or trail.
Item: 058852


Eureka Quick-Set Cot

The Eureka Quickset cot makes any car camping weekend complete with long and rested nights while everyone else sleeps on the uneven, rocky ground.
Item: 058856


Eureka 7.9 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit

Four 7.9 mm or 5/16" x 23" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Tetragon 5, Wind River 2, Dome 2, Cascade 6 canopy poles, Cascade 4 canopy poles and others.
Item: 058131


Eureka 8.5 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit 2661980

Four 8.5 mm or 11/32" x 25 1/2" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Apex 2, Apex 2XT, Prism, Tetragon 7, Tetragon 8, Wind River 4 and others.
Item: 058132


Eureka Floor Saver Rectangular XL

Heavy-duty 6 mil polyethylene Floor Saver, 9' 6" x 11' 6"
Item: 058666



Eureka Gonzo Grill Cook System

Introducing the most flexible compact cook system available.
Item: 058912


Eureka Timberline Junction Tubes Pair

Set of 2 Zytel junction tubes for Timberline 2 and 4 tents.
Item: 058615



Eureka Floor Saver Multi Room XL

Heavy-duty 6 mil polyethylene Floor Saver, 9' 6" x 15' 6" x 7' 6"(end)
Item: 058683



Eureka Jetlink Accessory Hose

Use the Jetlink™ hose to daisy chain two Eureka!®/Jetboil® multi-burner stoves together to create a four burner kitchren that rivals your one at home
Item: 058900

$39.95  $39.95

Eureka 6 Foot Adjustable Pole - 6HA

This Height Adjustable Pole is adjustable to a maximum height of 6’.
Item: 058123


Eureka Floor Saver Square Large

Heavy-duty 6 mil polyethylene Floor Saver, 11' x 11'.
Item: 058655


Eureka! Tent Guyline

This Eureka! Tent guyline is 49' of polyethylene cord with a carrying capacity of 40 lbs.
Item: 058034



Eureka Floor Saver Multi Room Large

Heavy-duty 6 mil polyethylene Floor Saver, 9' 6" x 15' 6" x 5'(end)
Item: 058680

$19.95  $26.95


Eureka Curvy Low Rider Camp Chair

All Curvy chairs offer relaxed, lounge-like comfort with features like foam padded armrests and a place for your beverage and gear you want close by.
Item: 058866

$59.00  $74.95

Eureka Fitted Tent Footprint

Shaped to fit 1 person tents with non-standard footprints—and made of the same material as the tent’s floor—fitted footprints extend the life of the tent floor and protect it from punctures and wear-and-tear.
Item: 058641


Eureka Stake Puller

Quickly and easily remove tent stakes with our Tent Stake Puller.
Item: 058031


Eureka 9" Steel Stake

Upgrade from the steel skewer or plastic stakes that come as standard equipment with these heavy-duty stakes of Galvanized Steel.
Item: 058009


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