Coghlan's products are favored by all outdoor enthusiasts - tried and tested for over 45 years. Coghlan's success in the camping industry is attributed to a strong focus on superior customer service and marketing better quality products. Coghlan's is the leading outdoor accessory supplier in United States. Coghlan's, the outdoor accesory people.

Coghlans Fold-A-Cup #8309

Convenient plastic folding cup.
Item: 043480



Coghlans Trailfinder LED MultiLight

Headlamp or Flashlight? Can’t decide? No problem with the Coghlan’s Multi-Light. This bright Headlamp features a comfortable head band with a pivoting chassis for light in any direction.
Item: 043502

$7.95  $10.95


Coghlans Flask #8610

Lightweight plastic flask.
Item: 043633



Coghlans Bug Pants

No-See-Um Mesh pants for protection against insects are lightweight and cool.
Item: 043807

$9.95  $13.95

Coghlans Knot-a-Bag #0670

Portable plastic bag dispenser it's NOT a bag, until you KNOT it! Create any bag length you need! Have the convenience of always having bags with you whenever you go.
Item: 043884


Coghlans 40-inch Stretch Cords #514

Bungee-style stretch cords with plastic-coated hooks on each end.
Item: 043125


Coghlans Soap Holder #658

Handy plastic soap holder for traveling.
Item: 043170


Coghlans Nylon Utensils

Serve up your favourite outdoor meals with Coghlan’s Nylon Utensil Set. The durable, heat resistant set won’t scratch your coated cookware and they clean up in a flash.
Item: 043504



Coghlans Bug Jacket

No-See-Um Mesh jacket for protection against insects is lightweight and cool.
Item: 043800

$12.95  $15.95

Coghlans Mosquito Net Single White Rectangle

Rectangular shape fits over sleeping bag or cot. 180 Fine mesh polyester provides protection from insects. Suspends with poles or rope (not included) utilizing six reinforced tie tabs at corners and sides
Item: 043796


Coghlans Hikers Mosquito Net #9775

The Hikers Mosquito Net is an efficient compact mosquito net designed for the individual lightweight camper.
Item: 043798


Coghlans Tissue on the Go 2 Pack

Coghlan’s Tissue on the Go has a unique, pull-out dispenser that keeps tissue neat, clean and dry. Fits easily in pocket or pack.
Item: 043890


Coghlans Canvas Tent Repair Kit #703

Repair kit for canvas and nylon mesh.
Item: 043200


Coghlans Camp Fork 9195

Heavy-duty chrome plated steel camping fork with stay cool wooden handle.  Whether used as marshmallow roasting sticks or hot dog skewers, Coghlan’s camping forks are essential outdoor supplies for every camping trip.
Item: 043245


Coghlans Travellers Mosquito Net #9770

Spacious Mosquito Net fits over a double bed or two cots or sleeping bags.
Item: 043790


Coghlans Ultralight Tent Stake Bulk

Orange anodized aluminum 9" tent stake featuring a three-sided design making them nearly indestructible.
Item: 043215


Coghlans Peg Remover #715

Soft-handled peg remover makes removing tent stakes a snap.
Item: 043225


Coghlans Deluxe Chow Kit

Three-piece stainless steel knife, fork and spoon set that slides together for easy carrying and storage.
Item: 043500


Coghlans Tent Whisk #8407

Tent whisk and dust pan.
Item: 043570


Coghlans Match Box #8746

Plastic waterproof match box with fire starter flint.
Item: 043655


Coghlans Head Rest #8832

Inflatable head rest of velveteen-finished vinyl.
Item: 043690


Coghlans Squeeze Tubes #7605A

Reusable plastic Squeeze Tubes for foods, condiments and more.
Item: 043290


Coghlans Potholder #7760

Lightweight pot holder clamps onto hot pots and pans.
Item: 043330


Coghlans Bottle Carrier #0036

Bottle Carrier is convenient and comfortable.
Item: 043445


Coghlans Load N Lock Dry Pouch 4x6

Coghlan’s Dry Pouch® keeps your valuables safe on the water! Great for camping, boating, kayaking, and more!
Item: 043451


Coghlans Sierra Saw 8400

Tempered flexible steel blade cuts smooth and clean. Locking blade with unbreakable handle
Item: 043540


Coghlans Carry Handle Biner 1152

The Large Biner has a dozens of uses - carry multiple grocery bags, cables or cords, this comfortable grip will do it all!
Item: 043560


Coghlans Ultility Cord 3mm

General purpose 1/8” x 50’ (15.25 m) utility cord is great for guy lines or small tie-downs. Superior strength and flexible woven polypropylene construction with core resists abrasion, oil, rot and mildew
Item: 043586


Coghlans Mosquito Net Double White Rectangle

Rectangular shape fits over two sleeping bags or cots. Suspends with poles or ropes (not included) Made from 180 mesh polyester with 6 reinforced tie tabs. Washable.
Item: 043797


Coghlans Adhesive Signal Light Red

Coghlan’s Adhesive Signal Lights are the perfect solution for go anywhere lighting. Ideal for packs, tents, trail marking and emergency day/night signalling
Item: 043367


Coghlans Trowel #8408

Convenient, sturdy lightweight trowel.
Item: 043580


Coghlans Paracord Black 50ft

This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets and more. The Type III Commercial Grade 550 Cord features seven individual inner core strands.
Item: 043583


Coghlans Poncho #9268

Waterproof vinyl poncho.
Item: 043765


Coghlans Moquito Net Double Wide

Fits over two cots or bags, suspends with poles or ropes (not included) Made from an ultra-fine 240 polyester mesh. Rectangular shape with six reinforced tie tabs
Item: 043799


Coghlans Paracord Neon Orange 50ft

This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets and more. The Type III Commercial Grade 550 Cord features seven individual inner core strands.
Item: 043582


Coghlans Plastic Tent Peg Mallet

Tent peg mallet with built-in remover.
Item: 043880


Coghlans Mosquito Net #9755

Rectangular Mosquito Net fits over single cot or bag.
Item: 043795


Coghlans GI Can Opener #702

Lightweight pocket can openers for packing or camping.
Item: 043190


Coghlans Nylon Dunk Bag #8319

Polypropylene mesh bag that can hold gear, laundry, food, toys, etc.
Item: 043438


Coghlans Magnesium Fire Starter 7870

A must for every field trip. The fire starter uses magnesium, a flame source of 5400°F (2982°C) One fire starter should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires.
Item: 043340


Coghlans Ditty Bag Set #8233

Organizer bags for personal and camp items.
Item: 043430


Coghlans Flexible Cutting Mat #9907

Chop, Slice, or Dice your way to a tasy meal. Ideal for camping - backpacking - picnics - RV's.
Item: 043777


Coghlans Commando Pocket Saw

This ultra-portable hand-saw can cut through just about anything you can find in nature.
Item: 043470


Coghlans Featherweight Acrylic Mirror

Unbreakable lightweight mirror for camping and travel.
Item: 043590


Coghlans Sleeping Bag Straps Pair

Straps are 3/4” (2 cm) polypropylene 48” (1.22 cm) in length and have a quick tab release buckle. Easy to cut and seal to desired length.
Item: 043110


Coghlans Emergency Blanket

A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof.
Item: 043365


Coghlans Mesh Ditty Bag Set #9869

Ideal see through organizer bags for personal or camp items.
Item: 043435


Coghlans Organizer Bags #0118

Contains a set of three zippered mesh nylon bags.
Item: 043833


Coghlans Four Function Whistle #0240

Includes thermometer, magnifier and compass
Item: 043856


Coghlans Foot Care Kit #8043

Foot care kit includes moleskin, antiseptic swabs and more.
Item: 043390


Coghlans Mosquito Head Net #8941

Fits comfortably over most headwear. Fine mesh keeps mosquitos and other insects out. Elasticized at the neck for a snug fit.
Item: 043715


Coghlans Tick Remover #0015

The simple, gentle action of the patented design insures the complete removal of Ticks for both people and animals.
Item: 043832


Coghlans Emergency Poncho

Emergency rain poncho made from clear plastic (polyethylene).  This lightweight hooded rain poncho is reusable and is essential emergency rain gear.
Item: 043766


Coghlans Zipper Pulls 4 Pack

Handy replacements or attach to zippers on jackets, coats, sleeping bags, backpacks
Item: 043428


Coghlans Multi-Pack Biners #0355

Useful for attaching equipment, clothing, keys, tools and more to packs, canoes, tents or belts.
Item: 043870


Coghlans Fire Disc 1424

Coghlan’s Fire Discs are an ideal fuel source for starting campfires or wood stoves. Made of cedar and highly refined wax, they are designed to light easily and to burn hot.
Item: 043342


Coghlans Bear Bell #0425

Bear bell with a magnetic silencer.
Item: 043875


Coghlans Poncho For Kids #0242

Lightweight and reusable ponch for kids.
Item: 043860


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