For 40 years, Mountain Sports has been providing its customers with the quality gear and knowledge they’ve come to expect. Our business has come a long way since its conception in 1972 as Southwest Canoe and Kayak. From a modest-sized metal building of 500 sq. ft., we rented and sold canoes, kayaks and camping gear. As the years passed and business grew, we expanded to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Our second location received a new name, Southwest Canoe and Trail, to reflect our growing selection of a variety of outdoor products. In the late ‘70s, we broadened our selection to include ski equipment, clothing and accessories. By 1984, we had become Mountain Sports, and the name stuck with us through a major expansion and a move to our current location in 1987. In 1996, we launched mountainsports.com, which has allowed us to reach customers all over the country with all our full inventory of products and continues to grow as a major part of our business.

Though the business has changed a lot over the last 38 years, our dedication to offering the best gear and clothing at the best prices has never wavered. Our staff is superb, always offering expert advice and working closely with you to make sure you find exactly what you need. Our competitors have come and gone, but our commitment to our customers is what has enabled us to keep offering the best service around.


George H. 1984

Shipping Manager

ALRIGHT! I started with Mountain Sports way back when it was still Southwest Canoe & Trail! I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, and bicycling, and have enjoyed many adventures with friends that I've met through work. I'm now helping the 3rd generation of families that have been loyal customers through the years. Quality equipment from Mountain Sports has accompanied me on trips from border to border, and coast to coast, and internationally, too. My current favorite piece of gear? That would be my Tilley hat. Stylish, functional and durable, if I'm out in the sun I try to have it on. Currently at Mountain Sports I handle the Internet sales & shipping, and anything else that needs doing. Still a fun job 31 years into it! #GeorgeFromMountainSports

Josh W. 2007

General Manager

Outdoor Enthusiast, Husband, Father. Fishing has been my lifelong passion and I feel most at home on rivers. Currently I'm paddling the Jackson Kayak Mayfly which is by far the best kayak I've had to date. I loves the Frolf, mountain biking, backpacking, snowboarding, tying flies, leather craft, and cooking.

Josh D. 2010

Assistant Manager

Gear Junkie and lover of all things outdoors. My first love started in 1993 when I began snowboarding in the Sierras of California. Fast forward 16 years, I moved to the great state of Texas with a strong love for camping, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, disc golf, fishing & rock climbing. In my down time I play as much disc golf as I can, I even joined the PDGA, #122417. My favorite pieces of gear are currently the Jackson Bite, Osprey Exos 58, and my Discraft Buzzz SS. I have enjoyed incorporating any and all of these activities on annual trips with my wife since 2013.

Jeanette Hood 2012

Digital Assets Manager

Some things never change. Like love for the outdoors. I’m lucky that I was raised by avid outdoor enthusiasts, fishing and camping before I can even remember. Indiana summers meant hiking and boating as well, even though the season was short. These days my husband, Jeff, and I spend most of our time on the water in any number of kayaks, from 9-foot whitewater to 17-foot sea kayaks and everything in between. Combining camping and kayaking is what I love most, from the beaches in the Bahamas to the rocky rivers of Texas. If I’m not on the water, you’ll most likely find me in the desert on a backpacking trip.

Ryan Farney 2013

Sales & Product Buyer

Formerly of Chattanooga, TN, Ryan has a long history of outdoor activities and is one of our most experienced staff members. Father of two and has a striking resemblance to a professional disc golfer Zach Melton. YES his hair used to be that big and curly, a stark contrast to who you would find working today.

Zach Koerth 2018

Sales Associate

Always at home on the trail. I've been backpacking since 2013 and that's how I spend most of my time outside. I always like to look at the world beneath my dusty boot tips. I also go rock climbing with my buddies, play disc golf, and just generally love being outdoors. Spent a lot of years in scouts to be an Eagle Scout, and I was a Philmont Ranger in 2019. Arlington has been my home my whole life and so far, my only complaint is the lack of mountains in the area. I am currently a civil engineering student at UT Arlington, and I am glad to have found such an awesome place to work at!

Emory Dyck 2019

Sales Associate

Ever since my first trip to Colorado, being in the mountains is an obsession and I will do anything for a day full of hiking. I have always had a love for nature and adventure, and prefer to spend my free time outside whether it be hiking, paddle boarding, skiing or even scuba diving. Now thanks to the rest of the MS staff, I have also gotten addicted to disc golf! Spending time in nature is good for the soul and reminds us to take care of our planet. So I encourage you to get some gear, go outside, and leave no trace!

Ino Narvaez 2020

Sales Associate

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