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Discraft Banger GT - $8.99
The Groove Top™ putter delivers consistency and confidence with every release. It's overstable enough to handle a headwind, and is also favored by players who putt on a hyzer.
Discraft Magnet Pro D - $8.99
The Magnet™ is the flagship putter, and is used by thousands of seasoned disc golfers. Not too hard, not too soft... it goes in and stays in. This disc is excellent in the wind and makes a superb short range driver and approach disc
Discraft Roach - $15.95
A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach™ is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuing chains. Just point and shoot. It's beadless too and feels great in the hand. Try a Roach on your next approach!
Discraft Soft Magnet Pro D - $8.99
Specially engineered for players who love the Magnet but prefer a softer putter that grabs the chains. It's more tacky than floppy, with good grip for consistent release every time. A superb short range driver and approach disc too
Dynamic Disc Suspect - $12.95 - $18.95
The Suspect can handle headwinds and fight back on forced anhyzer shots. It shares the best characteristics of both a midrange and a putter and will fill that tweener slot in your bag.
Dynamic Disc Warden - $8.95 - $29.95
The Warden takes everything players love about the Judge and removes the bead to provide additional comfort in the hand. This putter has a very straight flight path and can fly just about any line you want
Dynamic Discs Judge Putter - $12.95 - $18.95
The Judge is your go to putter in all conditions and is an incredibly versatile disc for players of any skill level. The Judge is a great putter for use off of the tee and approach shots in addition to putting.
Innova Aviar Driver Putter - $17.95
The Aviar is the number one putter in disc golf. Having won more World Championships than all other putters combined. The Aviar Driver is a big bead Star version of the Aviar.
Innova Aviar Putter - $7.95
Aviar Putt & Approach is the number one putter in disc golf. Having won more World Championships than all other putters combined. Aviar is their most popular disc.
Innova Colt Putter - $12.95
The Colt is a low profile putt and approach disc that can handle extra torque and windy conditions.
Innova Hydra Putter - $13.95
Hydra is a grippy and durable Putt & Approach disc. Easy to release grip for confident putting. Floats in water.
Latitude 64 Dagger - $12.95
The Dagger has been developed in co-operation with Dave Feldberg and is a deep dish beaded putter. Feldberg says it is comparable to a big bead Aviar, Wizard, Challenger, etc., but deeper with more float.
Latitude 64 Mercy - $12.95
Designed with deeper rim and slower speed than our earlier putters, makes it a very good alternative in our putt and approach lineup. Stable and consistant flight for putting, approach and short drives.
Latitude 64 Pure - $12.95
Featuring a comfortable grip and slightly deeper rim than Spike it will hold the line given to it on your approach shots. Pure is the second disc co-designed by Jesper Lundmark.
Westside Disc Harp - $12.95
The Harp is their most reliable approach disc. Designed to withstand and type of conditions. It will hold in the wind.
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