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Jackson Kayak 12" Mesh Panels - $25.95
A pair of 12" mesh panels to add easily accessable storage under your eilite seat on the Cuda and Coosa
Jackson Kayak Cuda Rudder Ready Kit - $199.95 Free Shipping
Rudder steering is controlled by the pre installed foot pegs and lets you control your boat better while paddling against nasty winds or currents. Your Jackson is already rigged to except the Rudder Kit.
Jackson Smart Track Clevis Pin - $1.80
Smart Track Clevis Pin Set
Nocqua Pro Power Kit - $89.99 Free Shipping
NOCQUA’s proprietary 12V rechargeable power source for fish finders, depth finders and other electrical components.
Nocqua Sport Light System - $199.99 Free Shipping
Introducing the NOCQUA Sport Edition, the next generation of underwater light systems for paddlers. The NOCQUA Sport is constructed to be able to be used on SUP, Kayak, and Canoes
Nocqua Super Y Connector - $7.50
Required to attach one battery to two light bars on larger girth vessels such as canoes and some kayaks, the NOCQUA Super “Y” will replace the standard “Y” connector included in complete NOCQUA light systems.
Riverside Bulk Foam 1" x 20" x 15" - $12.95
20" x 15" x 1" of minicell foam. Use it for custom fitting the cockpit of your boat(s).
Riverside Bulk Foam 1/4" 317 - $5.25
20" x 15" x 1/4" piece of minicell foam. Use it for custom fitting the cockpit of your boat(s).
Riverside Bulk Foam That Fits 1/2" - $9.95
20" x 15" x 1/2" piece of minicell foam. Use it for custom fitting the cockpit of your boat(s).
Riverside Paddler Pad - $14.95
A great cushion for kayaks or canoes to rest your weary bones. Paddle in greater comfort and for longer periods of time - great for the kids.
Sea To Summit Paddle Leash - $19.95
It’s all in the details with this paddle leash. Sea To Summit uses better materials and stronger finishes presented in a very attractive and informative package.
SealLine Discovery Kayak Back Rest - $49.95
A self-inflating lumbar cushion specifically designed to relieve low back fatigue while sea kayaking.
SealLine Discovery Kayak Seat Cushion - $49.95
A self-inflating kayak cushion that is lightweight and contoured to fit.
SealLine Kayak Thigh Cushion - $49.95
One-of-a-kind. Designed to alleviate pressure on blood vessels and the sciatic nerve.
Seattle Sports Scupper Plug Pair - $7.95
Finally a plug that fits all scuppers! These distinctive scupper plugs offer a multi-sized design that allows for easy seating in most scuppers. Made with a glow-in-the-dark, high visibility silicone, they’re easy to find too.
Watersport Warehouse Comfy Captain Kayak Seat - $79.95 Free Shipping
Is your current seat getting worn out? Replace it with this Comfy Captain's seat.
Watersports Warehouse Reflective Tape 10' - $9.95
Brilliant reflective, highly adhesive, waterproof vinyl tapes. The high-tack adhesive with peel off backing is perfect for pin striping on kayaks, canoes, surfboards, paddles, helmets, dive tanks, and all types of metal
Wilderness System Rudder Kit - $279.95 Free Shipping
This near-universal rudder kit services all current and many older Wilderness Systems solo kayaks, and Includes footbraces, solo size rudder assembly, cables, tubes, and hardware to fit both rudder-ready and non-rudder ready kayaks
Yak Attack BlackPak - $129.95 Sale Item Free Shipping
The BlackPak crate system is poised to set a new standard in rod, tackle, and gear management on kayaks and standup paddleboards. Includes 3 Rod Holders and hinged lid.
Yak Attack Dog Bone Camera Mount - $54.95 Free Shipping
Enhance your kayak even further by adding the Yak Attack Dog Bone Camera Mount letting you make sure your pictures are show off worthy.
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