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Hydrostar SOS Seastar Deluxe Light - $34.95 Sale Item
The Hydrostar SOS Seastar Deluxe full-function light is a must for any paddler or boater who ventures out at night or in the evening.
Long Load Travel Red Kayak Safety Flag 12" - $3.95
Use this flag for long or larger loads on the truck. This 12 x 12 in Red flag gets you added visibility when traveling to the lake, river, or any other occasion.
Long Load Travel Red Kayak Safety Flag 6" x 13" - $3.50
Use this flag for long or larger loads on the truck. This 13" in x 6" Red flag gets you added visibility when traveling to the lake, river, or any other occasion.
McNett Saturna Blunt Tip Knife - $29.95
3" blunt tip knife for kayaking and other outdoor activities.
NRS Bilge Pump - $19.95
Don't take a bath in your boat! A swamped craft is as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. The floating NRS 21" bilge pump can bail out your boat and bail you out of a bad situation in no time.
NRS Foam Paddle Float - $29.95
A paddle float is an essential piece of safety gear. The NRS Foam Paddle Float secures easily to your paddle blade by sliding the blade into the nylon fabric pocket on the back.
NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Float - $49.95 Free Shipping
Overbuilt for your safety. The NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Float gives you unmatched support for self rescue.
NRS Wingman Knife 2771 - $34.95 Free Shipping
The NRS Wingman Knife's flip-out blade fulfills your need for speed. Its safety features help you break out of the danger zone and a handy bottle opener makes sure you'll never fly solo again.
Silva 4 Function Sportsmans Tool - $9.95
Multi-function compass in a lightweight package. Great for any outdoor activity.
Storm Safety Whistle - $7.95
Safety Whistle works in, on and under water.
Yak Attack Flags - $19.95
These are the same high quality flags Yak Attack uses on the VISIPole™ and the VISICarbon Pro™, but with more personality.
Yak Attack VisiCarbon Pro Kayak Light - $89.95 Free Shipping
Designed to meet the needs of serious kayak anglers as well as recreational paddlers, the VISICarbon Pro™ sports unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability. This model mounts to all track systems and Mighty Mount.
Harmony Blade Aide Paddle Float - $34.95 Sale Item
Buoyant float that attaches to a paddle blade for aid in self rescue.
Harmony Drain Plug Kit 8025224 - $6.95
Create an easier way for you to drain your kayak.
Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump 8025228 - $19.95
Designed specifically for recreational and touring kayaking.
Harmony Smiley's Nose Clips 8025259 - $9.95
Clips to keep water out of your nose while you are rolling or pulling off that Helix move.
Harmony Super Bilge Sponge - $11.95
These new sponges are encased in a chamois cloth, no more sand in your sponge!
Harmony Wilderness Systems Scupper Hole Plugs - 4 - $14.95
Scupper Hole Plugs are an essential item for any kayaker who wants to enjoy the benefits of their sit-on-top kayak all year long, enabling more comfortable cold weather paddling or for anyone who just wants a drier ride. Pack of 4.
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