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Harmony Anchor Trolley Kit - $34.95
An anchor trolley allows you to deploy your anchor from any point between the bow and stern of your kayak. It gives you the ability to decide which direction you want to face when anchored.
Yak Gear Drift Anchor Kit - $29.95
Do not limit anchoring to conventional stationary anchors. The Yak Gear Drift Anchor allows kayaks, canoes, and small boats to slowly drift when the wind is pushing the boat too fast.
Yak Gear Harken Pulley Kit - $18.99
Identical to the pulleys used in the Yak Gear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit, these Harken 290 pulleys are the perfect replacement part for any DIY project.
Yak Gear Mini Zig Zag Cleat Kit - $6.99
The Yak Gear Mini Zig Zag Cleat Kit comes with a 2-1/4 inch nylon zig zag cleat for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. It is simply a smaller version of the Yak Gear Zig Zag Cleat, for loads with less weight bearing tendencies.
Yak Gear Stainless Steel Harken Pulley Kit - $28.99
Tired of low quality pulleys? Go stainless with the Harken Stainless Steel Pulleys from Yak Gear.
Yak-Gear 1.5 lb. Grapnel Folding Anchor - $9.95
1.5 pound grapnel anchor.
Yak-Gear 3.3 lb. Grapnel Folding Anchor - $19.95
The perfect size anchor to keep you in the strike zone. Made in the U.S.A.
Yak-Gear Anchor Line Bar Cleat - $7.95
Bar cleat with stainless steel mounting hardware.
Yak-Gear Anchor Trolley Kit - $32.99
Excellent anchoring system that allows you to adjust the angle of the dangle so you can keep your eyes on the prize. Made in the U.S.A.
Yak-Gear Zig Zag Anchor Cleat Kit - $9.95
Comes as a kit with stainless steel screws, locknuts and washer.
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