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Perception Pescador 12.0 Kayak - $499.00 Sale Item
The multi-chine hull, broad shoulder and tracking keel creates a boat with maneuverability, glide and stability. Plenty of speed and capacity for any size paddler to enjoy a full day on the water.
Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Kayak - $1,799.00
The Pescador Pilot is an affordable sit-on-top kayak packed to the gills with fishing features and complete with the included Pilot Drive pedal drive system.
Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 2017 - $829.00
Chock full of fishy features with the tracking and stability discerning anglers have come to expect from today's fishing kayaks, the Pescador Pro 12.0 gets you hooking the big ones at a reasonable price.
Dagger Roam 9.5 Kayak 2015 - $699.00 Sale Item
The Roam Series provides quick and easy access to gear and more freedom, more adventure, and more of the lifestyle you want than any series before
Jackson Cuda 14 Kayak 2015 - $1,175.00 Sale Item
The Cuda will introduce for the first time Jackson’s rod tip cover, tackle stagers, mesh side pocket, pockets on the elite hi/low seat, a 26 inch center hatch that can have an insert to make it dry storage or a fish cooler and much more!
Jackson Kayak Big Rig 2016 - $1,486.00 Sale Item
The name of this kayak, Big Rig, sums up exactly what it is intended to do and for whom it was intended to do it for - big stability for the many anglers that deserve a model to help them feel comfortable in a smaller watercraft
Jackson Kayak Big Rig 2017 - $1,699.00
When your greatest wish is stability and convenience, the Big Rig makes a stand. Literally. This kayak is the ultimate for standing while casting, and maneuvering into the best spots on the river or lake.
Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Tandem 2017 - $1,799.00
When you want to take your buddy, wife, or kiddo with you sometimes, but not every time, the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna is your go-to kayak. When you're on your own, remove one seat and move the other to the center of the boat.
Jackson Kayak Coosa 2017 - $1,249.00
Moving water can be a challenge to navigate and fish with ease, but the Jackson Kayak Coosa is right at home on moving water and smaller lakes or ponds. The smaller platform is easy to transport, but stable none the less.
Jackson Kayak Coosa HD 2017 - $1,799.00
The Coosa HD is a fabulously stable platform and a perfect fit for anglers of all sizes or those who are really looking for a stand up fishing kayak.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 10 Angler 2016 - $849.00 Sale Item
You want a small and light platform, and want a few fishing goodies? Go for the Jackson Kayak Cruise 10 Angler in stealthy fishing colors with a rod holder. Perfect for smaller lakes and gentle rivers, you can be on the water every day after work.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 10 Angler 2017 - $999.00
The Jackson Kayak Cruise Angler kayak fills a variety of niches. It is a great price point kayak for someone looking to get into kayak fishing without all the bells and whistles, but enough features to make your time on the water enjoyable.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 2017 - $999.00
Designed to be paddler friendly for multi-purpose use, the Cruise 12 is a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water on a stable platform.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler 2016 - $934.00 Sale Item
You want a Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 platform, but want a few more goodies? Go for the Cruise 12 Angler in stealthy fishing colors with a rod holder. The big fish in the skinny water don't stand a chance.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler 2017 - $1,099.00
The Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler is tracks well and carries enough speed for trips on moving water or smaller lakes, and is light and nimble enough to take to the water for short trips after work or busy weekends.
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 2017 - $1,349.00
Sometimes the original just keeps on shining. The Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 is the watercraft that brought kayak fishing into the new era, and it remains a tried and true economical package to get to the really big fish.
Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 2016 - $1,308.00 Sale Item
The Cuda is the answer to the big water fisherman’s dream because it has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the stability to stand and fish when you get to your destination.
Jackson Kayak Cuda HD 2017 - $1,899.00
The Jackson Kayak Cuda HD brings "high definition" to your fishing experience. Stable as can be, and faster than most fishing platforms on the water.
Jackson Kayak Cuda LT 2015 - $1,349.00 Sale Item
The Jackson Kayak Cuda LT may not be equivalent to “sending a man to the moon” but it’s an impressive achievement none the less; it’s virtually a lighter-weight carbon copy of the Cuda 12 thanks to “thermoforming” technology
Jackson Kayak Cuda LT 2016 - $1,529.00 Sale Item
Light in weight but heavy in features, the Jackson Kayak Cuda LT 2016 gets you to the heavy fish without all the heavy lifting.
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