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Perception Carolina 14 Kayak - $749.00
Take a little, get a lot from this Carolina 14. Excellent speed and tracking make this a premier touring boat the the water adventurer.
Perception Expression 14.5 Kayak - $903.20 Sale Item
The Expression 14.5 is perfect for a fun afternoon at your favorite local paddling destination or for a long weekend camping trip
Perception Expression 15.0 Kayak - $909.00
The Expression 15.0 offers forgiving handling and stability expected of a touring design with the performance of an expedition kayak.
Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 2017 - $999.00
Designed to be paddler friendly for multi-purpose use, the Cruise 12 is a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water on a stable platform.
Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12 2017 - $899.00
Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, the Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12 features high-end outfitting and plenty of storage for overnight trips.
Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5 2017 - $899.00
If you want all the speed and features of the Jackson Kayak Tupelo in a slightly roomier platform, the Tupelo 12.5 is for you. A little wider, a slightly higher deck, and a few extra inches in length let you cruise in comfort.
Jackson Kayak Tupelo LT 2017 - $1,199.00
The Jackson Kayak Tupelo is a popular light touring/recreational kayak aimed at getting you out on short exploratory adventures.
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak - $939.00
The most popular kayak in the Tarpon family because of its manageable size. Efficient layout leaves plenty of room for paddlers and their gear, with features to accommodate a variety of hobbies.
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Kayak - $1,039.00
Engineered to maintain stability and glide while extending gear capacity. Great performance in the convenience of a sit-on-top.
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 Kayak - $1,029.00
Mid-range cockpit size with shorter length is versatile for day to weekend trips in streams to coastal regions to large lakes.
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Kayak - $1,179.00
A step up from the 120 in storage space, capacity and speed, this wildly popular, versatile kayak offers a balanced fit that all skill levels can enjoy.
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Pro Kevlar '08 - $1,795.00 Sale Item
The epitome of a transitional touring boat; light enough for an easy afternoon's relaxation, spacious enough for a weekend outing.
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