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Black Diamond Anodized Mini Pearbiner - $12.95
Lightweight, compact locking carabiner; great for belays.
Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Carabiner - $19.95
With its revolutionary, patent-pending design made possible by their in-house hot forge, the Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate eliminates the dangers of cross loading.
Black Diamond Hotwire Carabiner - $7.95
Wiregate carabiner.
Black Diamond Light D Carabiner - $6.50
The time-tested Light D is a great free climbing biner, itís light, strong and stable. Its low-profile nose can be wriggled through the small eyes of old bolt hangers and fixed pins.
Black Diamond Nitron Screwgate Carabiner - $13.95
With a light, ergonomic design and secure screwgate sleeve, the versatile Black Diamond Nitron Screwgate carabiner is the ideal choice for everything from belaying to anchor building.
Black Diamond Oval Carabiner - $6.95
The iconic, symmetrical Black Diamond Oval is the proven biner for big walling due to its smooth, uniform shape that reduces carabiner shift.
Black Diamond Positron Bent Gate Carabiner - $8.95
Anodized, strong, lightweight carabiner with bent gate.
Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner - $10.95
A multi-functional, lightweight and compact keylock locker, the Black Diamond Positron Screwgate carabinerís low-profile, non-snagging nose is easy to clip and clean.
Black Diamond Positron Straight Gate Carabiner - $8.95 Sale Item
Anodized, strong, lightweight carabiner.
Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Biner - $10.95
Black Diamonds largest belay and rappel locker, the Black Diamond RockLock carabiner features a keylock nose and is Munter Hitch compatible.
Metolius Bravo Quickdraw 5" - $18.95
This is a very light and strong quickdraw set made up of two Bravo wire gate carabiners joined by an 11 mm Monster Sling. A JIG on the bottom carabiner keeps it locked down on your quickdraw, making clipping a breeze.
Metolius FS Mini II Carabiner - $5.95
The ultimate small, light, full-strength carabiner has been redesigned with a larger gate-opening and a lower weight. The flared nose profile helps reduce the risk of accidental gate openings.
Metolius FS Mini II Quickdraw - $14.95
This lightweight quickdraw consist of two FS Mini II carabiners joined by an 11 mm Monster Sling. The bottom carabiner has a JIG to keep the 'biner locked down on your quickdraw, making clipping a breeze.
Metolius Inferno Quickdraw 5" - $17.95
This is a lightweight, high-strength, full-size quickdraw - great for all your climbing projects! It consists of two Inferno carabiners joined by a 13 mm Monster Sling.
Metolius Steel Carabiner W/Pin - $6.95
The Steel Gym Carabiner has a wire gate and a captured eye. Use it with or without the removable pin.
Petzl Am'd Locking D Carabiner - $14.95
Wide-opening "D"-shaped carabiner with screwgate locking mechanism. M17
Petzl Ange L Carabiner - $11.95
The new generation ANGE L carabiner represents the middle ground between the traditional gate carabiner and the classic wire gate carabiner. It combines the fluidity of the spring gate with the lightness of the wire gate system.
Petzl Caritool - $8.95
Mounts to the harness via waistbelt slots or straps, the CARITOOL tool holder allows one-handed access, organization and sorting of tools.
Petzl Delta Steel Screwlink - $11.95
Triangular steel quick link. When closed with a wrench, this steel quick link becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring
Petzl Go Oval Screwlink 10 mm - $9.95
Oval quick link.
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