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Coghlans Binoculars For Kids #0235 - $7.49
Seven separate functions for looking and learning
Coghlans Bird Call For Kids #0236 - $7.49
The origial Audubon Bird Call
Coghlans Bug Jar For Kids #0226 - $4.29
Clear jar with a magnifier on lid
Coghlans Field Trip Bug Lab #0228 - $8.95
Three compartments and three magnifier tops
Coghlans Four Function Whistle #0240 - $3.99
Includes thermometer, magnifier and compass
Coghlans Kids Ant Camp For Kids - $6.39
Fun and hours of entertainment for the kids while camping or in the backyard.
Coghlans Lightsticks (4) - $5.95
Pack of four snap-light sticks, four colors.
Coghlans Lightsticks 4in - $4.89
No heat, no flame, cool to the touch and non-toxic. Package of 4.
Coghlans Magnifier For Kids #0241 - $5.99
3 Inch lens for magnifying insects, small print, maps, etc.
Coghlans Pond Net For Kids #0232 - $5.59
6in. deep mesh and coated wire handle
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