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Lewis N Clark Motion Relief Bands - $7.95
While there are a number of treatments for motion sickness, one of the newest ways to ease symptoms is through Motion Relief Bands. These bands gently apply acupressure to the Nei-Kuan point, located on the underside of the wrist
Lewis N. Clark Iceman Ice Scarf - $7.95
Ideal for camping, sports, fitness, and outdoor activities, the Iceman Ice Scarf simply needs to be soaked in water to provide a long-lasting cooling effect.
Lewis N. Clark Umbrella - $17.95
Featuring a push button that automatically opens and closes the 37in canopy, these umbrellas are favorites among the casual and experienced traveler alike.
PackTowl RobeTowl™ - $74.95 Free Shipping
Delivering the same quick-drying, ultra-soft performance of a PackTowl towel, it’s the ideal travel accessory, serving as both your robe and your towel any time you need a little extra privacy and warmth while drying off—so you only have to bring one!
Pacsafe Retractasafe 100 3-Dial Retractable Lock - $15.95
Compact retractable plastic coated steel cable, ideal for locking several bags together,locking camera equipment,skis,bikes and other items together and to a secure fixture.
Pacsafe Slingsafe 100 GII Anti Theft Handbag - $59.99 Free Shipping
Dressed up or down, the secure sling shoulder bag fits a map, valuables , camera and even has an RFIDsafe™ - blocking pocket to safeguard your identity and personal information.
Pedco Camera Wrap - $8.95 Sale Item
A sleek Camera Wrap that mounts to your camera via the tripod socket, and stays on your camera, even while you take the shot. When you are finished, wrap it up and go!
Pedco Camera Wrap Up Ultrapod Micro Combo - $13.50 Sale Item
A sleek Camera Wrap that mounts to your camera via the tripod socket, and stays on your camera, even while you take the shot. When you are finished, wrap it up and go! Includes built-in Micro tripod.
Pedco Ultrapod 1 Mini Camera Mount - $12.95 Sale Item
A small, light weight (2oz) portable camera tripod, injection molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon with aluminum threaded components. Made in the U.S.A.
Sea To Summit Aeros Travel Pillow - $34.95
Whether in transit or the backcountry the Aeros range of lightweight and compact inflatable pillows will award you a comfortable sleep.
Sea To Summit Aeros Travel Premium Pillow - $42.95
The Aeros Premium Traveller Pillow is constructed using an interior bladder welded from a TPU film - it’s lightweight, high strength and performs well in all temperatures.
Sea to Summit Blended Silk + Cotton Travel Liner - $49.95 Free Shipping
A travel liner does double duty as a lightweight sleeping bag liner or on its own indoors. This one provides cost-efficient luxury for both situations.
Thermarest Travel Cushion - $29.95
Using technology developed for the medical seating industry, the new Travel Seat offers both back and leg support by relieving ischial (seat bone) pressure to make long drives and flights more enjoyable.
Travelling Light Eye Shades - $14.95
Delicate, contoured microfiber lining for sleeping comfort
Harmony Padded Seat Back 8025061 - $24.95
Standard since the end of 2005, these strap on padded seat backs take comfort to another level, especially after a long, long day on the water.
Coghlans Head Rest #8832 - $3.69
Inflatable head rest of velveteen-finished vinyl.
Coghlans Multi-Pack Biners #0355 - $3.29
Useful for attaching equipment, clothing, keys, tools and more to packs, canoes, tents or belts.
Coghlans Travellers Mosquito Net #9770 - $34.95
Spacious Mosquito Net fits over a double bed or two cots or sleeping bags.
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