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Pacsafe Prosafe 800 TSA Accepted 3-Dial Cable Lock - $11.95 Sale Item
Pacsafe's Travel Sentry accepted locks like this one mean that TSA (US) agents and HRSC (UK) officers can open and relock your bag using codes and secured tools, instead of doing irreversible damage to your locks.
Pacsafe Strapsafe 100 TSA Luggage Strap - $24.95
Featuring patented Baggage Constrictor TM technology, the StrapSafe 100 cannot be loosened once locked, unlike other luggage straps.
Lewis N Clark RFID Blocking Neck Stash - $15.95
Even though you may have double-checked the lock on your door, called ahead to let your bank know that you would be traveling, and left emergency phone numbers with family members, you may not have realized that you've still left yourself exposed.
Lewis N Clark RFID Credit Card Sleeves 3 pack - $4.99
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are used in all US passports created after 2006 and in over 35 million credit cards. RFID chips are also used in hotel keys; electronic gate or door keycards
Lewis N Clark RFID Passport Shield - $4.49
Blocking 13.56MHz frequencies, the standard for most credit cards and passports, items such as this one have allowed individuals to protect themselves from this kind of pickpocketing.
Lewis N. Clark Travel Sentry Cable Lock - $10.95
Feel secure in knowing that thieves cannot easily get into your luggage, and that the TSA will not have to break the lock if your bag must be screened.
Osprey Airporter LZ - $29.00
Protects your backpack during airline travel.
Pacsafe 120L Bag and Backpack Protector - $94.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for small travel packs and backpacks (fits packs 4600 - 7300 cu. in.).
Pacsafe 140L Bag and Backpack Protector - $99.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for wide, deep loads and to work with wheels and handles.(fits bags from 6000 - 8000 cu. in.)
Pacsafe 55L Bag and Backpack Protector - $79.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for small travel packs and backpacks (fits packs 1550 - 3400 cu. in.).
Pacsafe 85L Bag and Backpack Protector - $89.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for travel packs and backpacks ( fits packs 3400 - 5200 cu. in.).
PacSafe Carrysafe 200 Anti-theft Strap - $34.95
Keep your gear secure by adding this slashproof and snatchproof strap to any bag.
PacSafe Cashsafe 25 Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet - $19.95
The Cashsafe 25 deluxe travel belt looks as good as it is smart. The stretch fabric pocket can secretly stash credit cards, money and even a smart phone or passport in our RFIDsafe 50! Metal-free so you can even breeze through security at airports.
Pacsafe Cashsafe Belt - $14.95
The Cashsafe™ anti-theft travel belt outsmarts thieves at their own game. Great for stashing extra cash and keeping it hidden from view.
Pacsafe Citysafe 200 GII Anti Theft Shoulder Bag - $79.99 Free Shipping
Trust the Citysafe 200 GII anti-theft handbag to look after your gear while you’re soaking up some sun, heading to a spa or posing in front of the Eiffel tower.
PacSafe Citysafe CS175 - $94.95 Free Shipping
This slim, sporty silhouette helps keep your 13in laptop, wallet and camera secure while you're out on the town or taking in the sites.
PacSafe Citysafe CS400 Anti-theft Travel Tote - $119.95 Free Shipping
No woman's wardrobe is complete without an oversized tote. This stylish silhouette packs plenty of room for all those must-have essentials and more.
PacSafe Citysafe CS50 Anti-theft Purse - $59.95 Free Shipping
Headed out for a short day trip or excursion? Simply sling this handy number over your shoulder and help keep your essentials and valuables safe from opportunistic thieves.
PacSafe Citysafe CS75 Anti-theft Bag - $69.95 Free Shipping
Help keep your iPad® mini and essentials safe and secure in the Citysafe™ CS75. This lightweight, cross body travel bag has plenty of room for your phone, cards, camera, make-up and more and is a great accompaniment to any outfit.
PacSafe Citysafe LS100 Anti-theft Handbag - $89.95 Free Shipping
This sleek, lightweight, no-nonsense travel handbag comes with plenty of style. Packed with uber organisation, like a secret jewellery pocket, an iPad® compatible sleeve and zippered compartments.
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