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Pacsafe Prosafe 800 TSA Accepted 3-Dial Cable Lock - $11.95 Sale Item
Pacsafe's Travel Sentry accepted locks like this one mean that TSA (US) agents and HRSC (UK) officers can open and relock your bag using codes and secured tools, instead of doing irreversible damage to your locks.
CRKT Onion Para-Saw Survival Bracelet - $24.95
Now you can have along two very handy survival tools, in one easy to travel package! Cordage for securing, lashing, or paring down for other uses and an effective wire saw to cut limbs, wood, or any number of things in a survival situation.
Osprey Airporter LZ - $29.00
Protects your backpack during airline travel.
Pacsafe 120L Bag and Backpack Protector - $94.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for small travel packs and backpacks (fits packs 4600 - 7300 cu. in.).
Pacsafe 140L Bag and Backpack Protector - $99.95 Free Shipping
Metal mesh security device for wide, deep loads and to work with wheels and handles.(fits bags from 6000 - 8000 cu. in.)
PacSafe Citysafe CS175 - $94.95 Free Shipping
This slim, sporty silhouette helps keep your 13in laptop, wallet and camera secure while you're out on the town or taking in the sites.
PacSafe Coversafe 100 Waist Wallet - $24.95
For when you can never be too careful, the travel waist wallet offers high levels of security.
Pacsafe Metrosafe 100 GII Anti Theft Shoulder Bag - $63.95 Free Shipping
The new Metrosafe 100 GII Hip & Shoulder Bag has great internal organisation featues, making it perfect for all your daily essentials and must-have electronic gadgets, as well as for a small travel book or day planner.
Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 GII Anti Theft Messenger Bag - $79.99 Free Shipping
The Metrosafe 200 GII anti-theft shoulder bag is a popular, well organised travel bag with five anti-theft features including an RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket to protect your personal data sensitive information.
Pacsafe Metrosafe LS100 Cross Body Bag - $59.95 Free Shipping
This anti-theft cross body bag is a great every day bag for key, daily essentials
PacSafe Metrosafe LS150 - $79.95 Free Shipping
The Metrosafe™ LS150 anti-theft cross body sling bag is the perfect, stylish urban companion
PacSafe Metrosafe LS200 - $84.95 Free Shipping
Based on one of the most popular silhouettes, this undisputed classic has retained its shape but boasts all 6 anti-theft features including the new Lockabout™ security clip and a zippered RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket that fits a standard menís wallet
PacSafe Metrosafe LS250 - $94.95 Free Shipping
The Metrosafe™ LS250 anti-theft shoulder bag takes things a step further with its 11in MacBook® compatible sleeve, internal & external organisation and 6 anti-theft features including the new Lockabout™ security clip
Pacsafe Prosafe 750 TSA Approved Key-Card Lock - $13.95
The ProSafe 750 uses a key-card locking mechanism to unlock. The advantages are that you don't have to keep extra keys with you and you don't have to remember any code.
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