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ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Talon XL Ridgeline - $29.95
This lightweight, efficient and versatile hammocking storage option shares all the same great qualities as its younger sibling, the Talon, but it's SUPERSIZED!
ENO - Eagles Nest Outitters ProFly Sil Rain Tarp - $119.95 Free Shipping
Sometimes porridge is just too hot or too cold. ENO makes it just right. Want sound, foul-weather protection, but not looking for a bomb shelter? Step under the ProFly Sil.
MSR Permanent Home Repair Kit - $14.95
The Permanent Home Repair Kit uses a wet adhesive and fabric patches to make the strongest and most durable Therm-a-Rest® mattress repairs possible.
Thermarest Cot Coasters 6 Pack - $14.95
 Protects tent floors from cot foot abrasion.
Therm-a-Rest Instant Field Repair Kit - $9.95
The Instant Field Repair Kit makes fast, easy and lasting mattress repairs in the field!
Thermarest LuxuryLite Cot Warmer - $49.95
Featuring ThermaCapture Radiant Heat Technology, the LuxuryLite Cot Warmer increases the temperature performance of your cot by 10-15 degrees, taking your cot from 1- to 3-season warmth!
Thermarest Mattress Snap Kit - $14.95
The Therm-A-Rest Mattress Snap Kit lets you attach the Therm-A-Rest Tech Blanket or Ventra Down Comforter to your Therm-A-Rest mattress. The kit can also be used to attach two Therm-A-Rest mattresses together.
ThermaRest NeoAir Mini Pump - $39.95
New for 2013: After a long day of travel, it’s a relief to flip open the NeoAir™ Mini Pump and watch your NeoAir™ mattress inflate to the perfect level of comfort in around 3 minutes
Thermarest NeoAir™ Torrent™ Pump - $39.95
New for 2014: Designed for use with Them-a-Rest air mattresses, the Torrent Pump inflates a large NeoAir™ mattress in just 1.5 minutes.
Thermarest Travel Cushion - $29.95
Using technology developed for the medical seating industry, the new Travel Seat offers both back and leg support by relieving ischial (seat bone) pressure to make long drives and flights more enjoyable.
Thermarest Valve Repair Kit - $7.95
Need valve replacement! How about a repair kit too?
Coghlans Sleeping Bag Straps Pair - $2.49
Straps are 3/4” (2 cm) polypropylene 48” (1.22 cm) in length and have a quick tab release buckle. Easy to cut and seal to desired length.
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