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Big Agnes mtnGLO Tent Light - $39.95
Part of the Big Agnes mtnGLO™ collection, the Light Accessory Kit features mtnGLO Tent Light Technology that uses durable LED lights to illuminate the interior of your tent or campsite.
Eureka Stake Puller - $1.99
Quickly and easily remove tent stakes with our Tent Stake Puller.
Eureka Timberline Junction Tubes Pair - $12.95
Set of 2 Zytel junction tubes for Timberline 2 and 4 tents.
Kelty Shadehouse Large Walls - $21.95 Sale Item
Accessory Walls provide protection from the elements and are easy to attach to the Kelty Shadehouse.
Kelty Shadehouse Medium Walls - $21.95 Sale Item
Accessory Walls provide protection from the elements and are easy to attach to the Kelty Shadehouse.
MSR Dew Rag Tent Cleaner - $14.95
The premium fabric from the PackTowl brand is used to create a utilitarian Dew Rag that soaks up water, mud and condensation, then wrings dry. The Dew Rag can also be placed inside its mesh storage sack to make a convenient tent-mopping sponge.
MSR Dry Line Kit - $9.95
Dry wet gear anywhere with this simple, lightweight clothesline. Tensioners and hooks allow a quick, easy to adjust setup anytime the sun is shining.
MSR LED Tent Lights - $15.95
Illuminate your tent time with this lightweight LED tent light. Magnetic tabs allow the light to attach to your tent's fabric and slide anywhere you need it.
MSR Reflective Guy Line Markers - $19.95
Reflective guy line markers reduce accidents and prevent damage to your tent, while making it easier to find your tent or cache at night. Simple hook and loop straps make it easy to attach markers to any cord or guy line.
MSR Shelter Wash and Restore - $24.95
This simple, two-step system cleans your tent's fabric, reduces the odors caused by mildew and general use, and restores the water repellent finish. Each package contains one bottle of tent washing solution and one bottle of DWR restoring formula.
MSR Tightline Cord Tensioner - $19.95
The TightLine Cord Tensioner maintains rain fly tension through temperature and humidity changes and reduces the effect of gusts when the weather gets rough.
Sierra Designs The Organizer - $14.95 Sale Item
Expandable storage solution for small camping items. Use in a tent or hang from a tree.
Coghlans Camp Axe #9060 - $9.95
Forged steel camp axe.
Coghlans Grommets # 706 - $1.89
Plastic grommet kit requires no special tools.
Coghlans Peg Remover #715 - $1.94
Soft-handled peg remover makes removing tent stakes a snap.
Coghlans Plastic Tent Peg Mallet - $4.59
Tent peg mallet with built-in remover.
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