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Eureka 11 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit 2661982 - $29.95
Four 11 mm or 7/16" x 27 3/4" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Apex 4XT, Cabin Creek 9, Sunrise 9, Tetragon 9, Tetragon 10, Tetrgon 1610 main poles and others.
Eureka 12.7 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit 2661983 - $31.95
Four 12.7 mm or 1/2" x 30 3/4" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Sunrise 11, Sunrise XT, Tetragon 11, Tetragon 1210, N!energy 1210, Solar Intent, ATV Garage(blk poles), Camp Port(blk poles) and others.
Eureka 7.9 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit - $14.95
Four 7.9 mm or 5/16" x 23" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Tetragon 5, Wind River 2, Dome 2, Cascade 6 canopy poles, Cascade 4 canopy poles and others.
Eureka 8.5 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit 2661980 - $18.50
Four 8.5 mm or 11/32" x 25 1/2" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Apex 2, Apex 2XT, Prism, Tetragon 7, Tetragon 8, Wind River 4 and others.
Eureka 9.5 mm Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit 2661981 - $19.95
Four 9.5 mm or 3/8" x 22" fiberglass replacement poles. Fits Apex 3, Apex 3XT, Blue Mesa 1610 eave poles, Sunrise 8, Tetragon 1610 side eave poles, Wind River 6 and others.
Eureka! Tent Whisk Broom and Dustpan - $5.99
This compact and lightweight whisk broom and dustpan weighs only 3.3 oz. for convenient packing and storage.
Gear Aid Seam Grip Seam Sealer & Outdoor Repair - $5.95
Seam Grip urethane repair adhesive permanently seals seams and leaks, repairs tears, and patches holes on tents, packs, sleeping pads and rainwear.
Gear Aid Seamsure Seam Sealer 2 oz with Brush Cap - $5.95
The ideal seam sealer for large family tents. Easy to apply.
Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Solid - $4.95
Ideal for fast repairs in the field on tents, tarps or rain gear. Sticks to almost any surface. Comes in 4 colors.
MSR Dew Rag Tent Cleaner - $14.95
The premium fabric from the PackTowl brand is used to create a utilitarian Dew Rag that soaks up water, mud and condensation, then wrings dry. The Dew Rag can also be placed inside its mesh storage sack to make a convenient tent-mopping sponge.
MSR Fabric Repair Kit - $19.95
This kit contains everything you need for quick, easy and permanent tent repairs in the field or at home. Both mesh and clear patches are included, so you can repair minor damage to any tent.
MSR Pole Repair Kit - $19.95
This kit provides everything you need to get through in one piece. A repair sleeve covers standard-size poles on most backpacking tents, and an adjustable splint repairs larger poles up to 20mm in diameter.
MSR Shelter Wash and Restore - $24.95
This simple, two-step system cleans your tent's fabric, reduces the odors caused by mildew and general use, and restores the water repellent finish. Each package contains one bottle of tent washing solution and one bottle of DWR restoring formula.
MSR Shock Cord Replacement Kit - $19.95
Upgrade your tent poles with this premium shock cord replacement kit. The silicone-core shock cord provided with this kit outlasts natural rubber and remains elastic to -40 F/C.
MSR Tightline Cord Tensioner - $19.95
The TightLine Cord Tensioner maintains rain fly tension through temperature and humidity changes and reduces the effect of gusts when the weather gets rough.
MSR Zipper Maintenance Kit #5 - $19.95
4 #5 nickel-plated zipper sliders and reflective cord pulls.
MSR Zipper Maintenance Kit #8 - $19.95
4 #8 nickel-plated zipper sliders and reflective cord pulls.
Revivex Water Repellent 5oz. - $8.50
Totally restore a GORE® garment's durable water repellency by using ReviveX® water and stain repellent.
Sierra Designs Trail Repair Kit - $18.95
Everything to repair a tent, including tent pole repair tubes, self-adhesive nylon fabric patch material, zipper pulls, Seam Sealer and cold-resistant shock cord.
Silnet Silicone Seam Sealer - $7.25
Silnet silicone seam sealer is for use on products constructed or coated with silicone.
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