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Eureka! Tent Guyline - $3.95
This Eureka! Tent guyline is 49' of polyethylene cord with a carrying capacity of 40 lbs.
Kelty 4-Pack Guyline Kit - $14.95
Keep your shelter securely tethered to the ground during windy campouts with the Kelty Guyline Kit!
Kelty Triptease Lightline 50 ' Cord - $16.95 Sale Item
50 feet of reflective guyline with Spectra core.
MSR CamRing™ Cord Tensioners - $12.95
The simple ring design locks securely and adjusts easily, eliminating the hassle of tying and retying knots in cold or wet weather. CamRing™ Cord Tensioners perform best on cords from 1.5mm to 3mm.
MSR Reflective Utility Cord Kit - $22.95
This kit provides everything you need for a simple, efficient setup. The cord is reflective to minimize tripping and help you locate your gear at night. CamRing™ Cord Tensioners make tensioning the system simple and knot-free.
MSR Shock Cord Replacement Kit - $19.95
Upgrade your tent poles with this premium shock cord replacement kit. The silicone-core shock cord provided with this kit outlasts natural rubber and remains elastic to -40 F/C.
MSR Ultralight Utility Cord Kit - $19.95
his lightweight cord kit has everything you need for backcountry tasks. The 2mm cord is strong enough to hang a bear bag or secure a tarp shelter. CamRing™ Cord Tensioners make your setup adjustable and knot-free.
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