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Katadyn Combi Plus Faucet Mount Adaptor - $43.95 Sale Item
Want to hook up your Combi to your remote Cabin faucet?
Katadyn Quick Fill Hydration Pack Adaptor - $7.95
Connect a water filter to a hydration pack - ingenious!
Katadyn Vario Ceramic Disc - $14.95
Enhance the quality of your Katadyn Vario Water Filter with a Ceramic Disc.
MSR Ceramic Gauge - $3.00
Gauge that indicates when to replace the ceramic element of MSR Mini-works filter.
MSR Clean-Side Cover w/ Gauge - $11.95 Sale Item
Cover that keeps filter outlet of Mini-works filter contaminant-free.
MSR Guardian Filter Brush - $6.95
MSR Guardian Filter Brush cleans buildup inside filter and exposes fresh filter material for improved flow for the Guardian™ filter. The MSR Guardian Filter Brush is necessary to keep your filter at its best.
MSR Guardian Pump Maintenance Repair Kit - $16.99
All the necessary components and instructions required to maintain your Guardian purifier’s performance and reliability, packed in a small, convenient carry case for field use.
MSR Guardian Pump PreFilter - $19.95
If your Guardian prefilter becomes worn or damaged, this replacement helps extend the life of your purifier. Easy to install, it’s designed to self-right and draw water from just below the surface, where the water is cleanest.
MSR Guardian Pump Replacement Hose - $14.95
Guardian Purifier replacement hose kit. The 48” dual hose includes both the Inlet Hose, and the Dirty Water Outlet Hose used for the purifier’s self-cleaning system. Relief spring also included.
MSR HyperFlow Cleanside Cover - $3.95 Sale Item
The Cleanside Cover will keep the spout of your HyperFlow MicroFilter clean and sanitary.
MSR Hyperflow Maintenance Kit - $19.95
Use the maintenance kit to keep your Hyperflow filter in shape because clean water is just as critical as clean air.
MSR HyperFlow Prefilter Replacement - $19.95 Sale Item
HyperFlow MicroFilter Prefilter Replacement
MSR Hyperflow Replacement Hose - $16.95 Sale Item
Replacement hose for MSR Hyperflow Filter System.
MSR In-Line Shut-Off Valve - $5.95
A low profile shut off valve featuring a low profile hose that's less prone to snagging. Fits easily inside packs with insulated shoulder strap routing.
MSR MiniWorks Replacement Hose - $24.95
Replacement hose for MiniWorks Filter System.
MSR Miniworks/Waterworks Maintenance Kit - $19.95
This simple maintenance kit includes everything you need, from o-rings to silicone lube, so you can keep your filter running smooth for years to come.
MSR Quick-Connect Bottle Adaptor - $12.95
Allows your HyperFlow Pump to securely interface with any container.
MSR SweetWater Replacement Hose Set - $14.95 Sale Item
Replacement hoses for SweetWater Filter System.
MSR Sweetwater Silt Stopper - $19.95
A 5-micron replaceable prefilter.
MSR Sweetwater ViralStop Solution - $14.95
ViralStop™ is a chlorine-based purifier solution that provides simple and fast virus protection.
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