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CamelBak All Clear Purifier Bottle - $98.95
CamelBak All Clear™ microbiologically purifies water in 60 seconds. Utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants to EPA standards.
Katadyn Mybottle Purifier Water Bottle - $59.95 Free Shipping
MyBottle Purifier is the only EPA registered bottle purification system available. Simply fill the bottle with water, insert the purification system and drink from virtually any water source.
MSR Sweetwater Purifier System - $99.95 Free Shipping
The Guardian Purifier System combines the expedition-proven filtration of the Guardia Microfilter with the chlorine-based viral protection of ViralStop.
Sawyer Point Zero Two™ Viral Water Purifier SP191 - $122.95 Sale Item Free Shipping
The Sawyer SP191 Point ZeroTWO™ Viral Water Purifier with Faucet Adapter offers the same level of protection against bacteria and protozoa as the PointONE™, and is the first portable filtration device to remove viruses mechanically.
SteriPEN Emergency Water Purifier - $49.95 Free Shipping
The Emergency by SteriPEN is the sturdy and reliable source of clean water in the case of a disaster.
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