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Aquamira Drops 2 Part Water Treatment - $14.95
Aquamira water treatment drops are a safe and easy way to treat drinking water when hiking or traveling.
Aquamira Frontier Filter - $9.95 Sale Item
Emergency water filter - disposable, ultra-compact and there when you need it.
Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets 24pk - $14.95
The Only EPA Registered Purification Tablets on the Market.
CamelBak All Clear Pre-Filter - $14.95
Designed to be used for the All Clear™ Microbiological UV Water Purifier to strain out larger sediment particles prior to purification.
CamelBak All Clear Purifier Bottle - $98.95
CamelBak All Clear™ microbiologically purifies water in 60 seconds. Utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants to EPA standards.
CamelBak Fresh Reservoir Replacement Filters - $9.95
2-pack of Fresh™ Reservoir Replacement Filters
CamelBak Groove Replacement Filters 6-Pack - $24.95
Stock up on carbon filters for your CamelBak Groove® with this 6-pack of filters. Includes six plant-based carbon filters, for up to 180 gallons (or one year) of use.
CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher - $36.99
CamelBak® Relay™ reinvents home water filtration with a unique Double Filter Technology that allows you to filter at the speed of your faucet.
Geigerrig Inline Filter G2 100 FL - $19.95 Sale Item Free Shipping
GEIGERRIG'S Pressurized Hydration bladder pushes the water through the inline water filter allowing you to drink fresh spring water while you are on the go.
Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L - $99.95 Free Shipping
Just fill, hang, and drink! With the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L, you always have clean drinking water – and you won’t have to pump a stroke. At the heart of the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L is the newly developed Ultra FlowTM Filter Element
Katadyn Bottle Adaptor with Activated Carbon - $14.95
The practical bottle adaptor with replaceable activated carbon reduces chemicals and improves the taste of the water. It connects to all popular water bottles and is easy to use.
Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element - $69.95 Quantity Discount Free Shipping
Microporous Ceramic retains suspended solids and safely traps all harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, without removing essential minerals.
Katadyn Combi Plus Faucet Mount Adaptor - $43.95 Sale Item
Want to hook up your Combi to your remote Cabin faucet?
Katadyn Combi Replacement Carbon 2pk - $14.95
One of the two types of filters needed to replenish the mighty Combi. 2 Pack of Carbon Element.
Katadyn Combi Replacement Element Ceramic - $119.95 Free Shipping
One of the two types of filters needed to replenish the mighty Combi. Ceramic Element.
Katadyn Combi Water Filter - $199.95 Free Shipping
The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste.
Katadyn Drip Ceradyn Water Filter - $317.95 Free Shipping
Free-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic filters and a 10 liter water container for large quantities of water. Filters without effort. With 3 ceramic filters for maximum capacity.
Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Water Filter - $294.95 Free Shipping
Free-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic/carbon filters for additional chemical reduction and improvement of taste and a 10 liter water container for large quantities of water.
Katadyn Exstream/MyBottle Cyst Filter Replacement - $19.95
Katadyn Exstream and MyBottle Cyst Filter Replacement Pack of 2
Katadyn Exstream/MyBottle Virustat Replacement Kit - $32.95
Virustat Microbial Water Purification Replacement Cartridge kit for Katadyn Exstream and MyBottle products.
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