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ACME Thunderer Metal Whistle - $11.95
Small, high, and LOUD, this is classic.
ACME Thunderer Plastic Whistle 660 - $3.95
Small with very high tone, this is classic.
Black Diamond Axe Protector - $9.95
Ice tool protectors for gear transport.
Black Diamond Spike Protector - $4.95
Ice tool protectors for gear transport.<
El Mar Uncle Bills Sliver Gripper Tweezers - $5.25
Sliver Gripper Tweezers are the world's finest precision tweezers. They are available with a patented stainless steel clip holder that can be placed on a key ring, etc. or in a tube for easy storage.
Exotac Fire Rod - $24.95
Exotac created the perfect fire tool for carry in a knife sheath ferro-loop.  The ferrocerium rod is replaceable so you won't need to discard this tool when the rod is worn out.
Exotac Nano Striker XL - $28.95
It utilizes the same innovative design as the original, but with just enough extra size and heft to improve its ease of use without making it too big or bulky for key chain carry.
Fenix ARE-C1 Smart Charger Battery Charger - $19.95
Don't keep buying batteries only to use them up and toss them in the landfill. This unit charges Fenix 18650 rechargeable batteries for your Fenix flashlights.
Gerber Sliding Saw - $12.00
newly designed Sliding Saw is perfect for cutting those hard-to-reach branches thanks to lashing holes can be used to attach to tree limb for added distance
Goal Zero Flip 20 - $49.99 Free Shipping
Double the power for longer excursions. Designed to give multiple charges on small devices and quickly charge up from USB or sun.
Light My Fire FireSteel Army 2.0 - $22.95
Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the legendary Swedish FireSteel® is the original fire starter. This version is even better than before with a few simple modifications.
Light My Fire Sweedish FireSteel Scout 2.0 - $14.95
Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the legendary Swedish FireSteel® Scout 2.0 is the original fire starter. A few modifications make it better than ever.
Sea to Summit 2-Pin Field Repair Buckle 3/4" Side - $4.95
Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckles are an easy and permanent solution for broken or worn out buckles. The patent pending design allows you to repair broken buckles in the field using only a screwdriver. Never worry about sewing in the field again!
Silva Carbiner Key Ring Compass 640 - $6.95
A strong carbiner combined with a liquid filled compass.
Silva Compass Case - $7.90
Protective case fits any full-sized Silva compass to guard against abrasion and breakage.
SOL Rescue Howler Whistle 2-Pack - $8.99
You know it as the original Fox 40 whistle. Ultra loud, exceeds U.S. Coast Guard specs. Help get yourself found.
Storm Safety Whistle - $7.95
Safety Whistle works in, on and under water.
Wetterlings Grinding Stone - $48.00 Free Shipping
Wetterlings Grinding Stone fits your grip. The stone works two ways. The stone itself has markings for fine (600 grits) and coarse (180 grits) grinding. It also has a rubber sheath on which pictograms shows the fine and coarse side
Coghlans Emergency Blanket - $1.99
A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof.
Coghlans Fire Disc 1424 - $2.29
Coghlan’s Fire Discs are an ideal fuel source for starting campfires or wood stoves. Made of cedar and highly refined wax, they are designed to light easily and to burn hot.
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