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Carrying Case w/ 24 Silva Polaris 177 Compasses - $249.95 Sale Item Free Shipping
Carrying case with 24 Silva Polaris compasses. Excellent value, superior accuracy with the Silva Polaris 177.
Silva 4 Function Sportsmans Tool - $9.95
Multi-function compass in a lightweight package. Great for any outdoor activity.
Silva Carbiner Key Ring Compass 640 - $6.95
A strong carbiner combined with a liquid filled compass.
Silva Compass Case - $7.90
Protective case fits any full-sized Silva compass to guard against abrasion and breakage.
Silva Explorer 203 Compass - $19.95 Sale Item
This compass feature an ergonomically designed base plate, so it fits comfortably in your hand
Silva Fish-Eye Pin On 328 Compass - $6.95
Looking for a compass that’ll head you in the right direction and keep your hands free for other things?
Silva Guide 426 Compass Graphite - $19.95
A sighting compass that’s great for any outdoor activity.
Silva Hi Vis Explorer Pro - $29.95 Sale Item
The Explorer Pro is the ultimate baseplate model for topographic map use.  The improved design utilizes the Ranger bezel with the high-visibility/high-contrast coloration
Silva Huntsman Compass 423 - $23.95
Keeping your bearing in the woods can make all the difference between a successful hunting experience or a frustrating one - so a trusty compass is key. The Silva Huntsman is the perfect tool for hunting and fishing.
Silva Lensatic 360 Compass - $19.95 Sale Item
Classic compass, military design.
Silva Polaris 177 Compass - $12.95 Sale Item
A compass that’ll give you excellent value and superior accuracy.
Silva Polaris Hi-visibilty Compass - $16.49
Own excellent value & superior accuracy with the Silva Polaris 177. This version is a natural stand-out with the bright hi-vis dial.
Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass - $49.99 Free Shipping
The Silva Ranger 515 CL compass delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions. Split-sighting mirror for superior accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks.
Silva Ranger 515 CLQ Compass - $53.95 Free Shipping
Same great features as the Ranger® CL but utilizing quadrant graduations. The Silva Ranger® CLQ delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions.
Silva Ranger CL HI-VIS - $53.95 Free Shipping
The Silva Ranger® 515 CL compass delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions.
Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass - $11.95 Sale Item
A great precision compass for those just learning how to use a compass.
Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass Hi-Vis - $12.95
The Silva Starter 1-2-3, with the Hi-Vis dial, is an ideal choice when introducing map & compass skills or the world of orienteering.
Silva Trekker 420 Compass - $24.95 Sale Item
An advanced compass for those who enjoy finding their way through the woods with a map and compass.
Silva Wrist Band Compass - $8.95
Check bearings at a glance.  This simple model slides onto watch bands up to 11/16" (18mm) wide, providing guidance whenever you need it.
Silve Guide 426 Compass - $23.95
The Silva Guide 426 is a compact sighting compass that's great for any outdoor activity. The lightweight polypropylene baseplate floats, a great feature for any water or near-water adventure! 
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